Vintage & Collectables

Vintage and Collectables is all about items that make your heart jump!

They come from times long ago, from a childhood or a special event or place.

We collect these items because they are pretty or sweet or endearing. I started collecting things when I was very young. Actually, it started with a gift from my very best friend who gave me a pair of hand carved shoes from WWII! They were funny and bright and artistic, all the things that were me!! So, like most collectors, I started looking for another pair of crazy shoes! But, what I found were knick knacks and tiny statues and children's teacups. I began to fill my bedroom shelves with these items and as time went on and I grew up and lived on my own, I developed an "eye" for things that were worth a pretty penny!! Today, Fiesta ware, Roseville and McCoy pottery fill my shelves. The children's tea cups and sets now number well into the hundreds and handmade art is everywhere in my home. As they say, Once a collector, Always a collector!

This category will always be changing with the latest finds and treasures of vintage, antique and collectible items!! Check back often as I add to the bounty!!